Diabetes and Your Brain

Type 2 diabetes has been linked with the loss of brain function. In June 2016, the Journal of Diabetes Complications reported on the results of a study on Type 2 diabetes and the risk of brain function decline. Researchers at the Autonomous National University of Mexico in Mexico City and the Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK, looked at 1193 individuals who were 65 years of age or older. They found the people who were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes had almost twice the risk of brain impairment as did the non-diabetic participants. The Type 2 diabetics who had the highest blood sugar levels were most likely to suffer reduced brain function.

In June 2016 the Journal of Neurological Science reported on a different study from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Middle-aged adults with fasting blood sugar levels of at least 126 mg/dL or 7 mmol/L already had thinning in the cortices of their brains, where thinking takes place. A fasting blood sugar level from 100 to 125 mg/dL (5.6 to 6.9 mmol/L is considered as being prediabetes.

If we can better understand how this works, then it is hopeful we can find a pathway to the prevention and treatment of deterioration of brain function.

Various scientists at Southeast University in Nanjing, China and the National Institutes of Health in Baltimore, United States, compared the brain images of 40 Type 2 diabetics, and 43 non-diabetics. Their work was reported on in the American Journal of Neuroradiology in June 2016. They found in several areas of the brain, connections were missing. The missing connections were linked with…

  • poor planning ability, and
  • memory problems.

These results led the researchers to conclude their work will likely serve as a basis for understanding the brain function decline in many people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Investigators at German Sport University in Cologne, Germany, may have at least part of the answer to the question of prevention. In May of 2016 the journal Endocrine reported on the idea. According to the investigators…

  • inflammation,
  • free radicals, and
  • changes in blood sugar levels

can allow damaging molecules to enter the brain. This can cause…

  • brain insulin resistance,
  • reduced ability to generate energy, and the
  • accumulation of beta-amyloid, a molecule linked with Alzheimer’s disease.

Regular physical activity helps to reduce free radicals and inflammatory molecules. It can also improve blood vessel function, which could allow the parts of the brain in need of oxygen and nutrients to receive them. Regular exercise, known to be good for the rest of the body, could likely help the brain as well.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

All About Skin Needs

You probably heard the expression “As soft as a baby’s bottom”. It’s something we spent our youth taking for granted and in our adult years longing for. When we had our soft baby skin, than it wasn’t exposed to any of the harmful environments and moisture-robbing factors that damages our skin. As we get older all of our organs change and the skin is no exception to this. With age comes the problem for the skin losing its flexibility and that radiant look because it becomes thirsty for moisture. The moisture beneath the surface of the skin supplied by the body is no longer there.

What The Skin Needs

We need to give the skin the type of moisture it is looking for that actually is smoothing lines and wrinkles. Some of the things that can help are drinking more clean filtered water and increasing the level of omega 3s in your diet. With all the great things we were born with, the natural supply of nutrients declines over time which causes the cracking and creasing of the skin. When it comes to creams most of them don’t do any good because they simply sit on top of the skin. It needs something absorbent into the inner-most layers of the skin that really does its work. It is important for the nutrients being able to penetrate deep beneath the skin; only then a nutrient can begin to hydrate and to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. The problem with most expensive creams and sera on the market is they don’t tighten, don’t reduce wrinkles, and don’t improve firmness. They may moisturize, but only the top surface of your skin, not really where they should.

Diet, Nutrients, Vitamins

To bring your skin back to its natural, radiant, healthy look is the change to different foods. A point to remember: The loading up on certain skin cleansing creams and moisturizer is not going to have a big impact unless you make some changes to your diet as well. What is important is a diet rich in bioflavonoids, nutrients that include vitamins, A, B 3, C and D as well omega 3, selenium, lutein, lycopene gallate and many more. Only then you will build the necessary groundwork and foundation for a healthy, radiant looking skin. Using the right ingredients in your diet can give valuable protection against skin disease, rashes and even skin cancer.

Vitamin D

Something more on that very important vitamin D. Clinical evidence shows vitamin D is a potent system booster and antioxidant, therefore also important for the skin. Unfortunately many people are not getting enough of this vitamin which is so crucial to our health. Vitamin D is derived from the sun when UV rays make contact with your skin. This has actually shown the opposite effect as often claimed about skin cancer, although common sense profiles. A short period of exposure to the sun at first, and gradually extent that time if you wish, is a safe way of doing so. The more skin you expose to the sun the quicker the vitamin D intake will take place. Sometimes twenty minutes every day could be enough to reach your target. Many risks of illness even skin cancer is not forthcoming if your defense of your immune system is strong which relates to a good healthy diet. According to research vitamin B 3 (Nicotinamide) may also protect those who are prone to skin cancer.

Skin Wreckers

Avoid the many skin wreckers like processed foods, sugary drinks, too much alcohol, and avoid most of the skin creams on the market which also includes sun lotions. Most creams and lotions contain chemicals and toxins which will damage the skin over time.

If you want to put a stop on aging use only creams with natural ingredients that nature has provided and has to offer. No benefit in wasting time and money on products that are only half the quality and don’t deliver what they promise. Number one priority is always the diet first. Only than if you use natural skin care products, such as anti-aging systems consisting of infusion and defense will bring that difference to your skin you are looking for.

Tips To Get Beautiful Skin

6a00d83454559b69e20191027bd802970cNot everyone has a clear complexion. Many people deal with acne and blemishes regularly. Our diet and lifestyles can affect the texture and appearance of our skin. Many people spend a lot of money on cosmetics and skin care products that contain lots of harmful ingredients.

In this article, we will be looking at natural ways to get a glowing complexion. Keep reading to unearth valuable information that will save you money and give you the beautiful skin you deserve.

Use natural face masks

Face masks are one of the best ways to instantly brighten your complexion and get rid of dull skin. The best face masks are ones without chemicals. These all-natural products contain various ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. You can get face masks according to your skin type or according to your skin’s issue.

For example, if your skin is very oily, then you can try a mud mask. This product will help to unclog your pores and get rid of excess oil. On the other hand, if you have overly dry skin, then you can get a hydrating mask that will add moisture to your skin.

Exfoliate deeply every week

After every few weeks, our body sheds the upper layer of the skin. However, dead skin cells can accumulate and cover the fresh layer of skin underneath. In order to show this new skin, you need to get rid of the dead layer first.

Deep exfoliation is one of the best ways to achieve this. You can use various products for this purpose. A lot of people prefer the manual method in which they rub gritty scrubs or facial brushes over their face. On the other hand, some people prefer tp use electronic brushes that vibrate and rotate to cleanse the skin. Both these methods are beneficial. You can choose the one which suits you better.

No matter what method you choose, keep in mind that consistency is key. You cannot exfoliate once in a month and expect good results. For best results, exfoliating weekly is the solution.

Switch skin regime after every season

Some people use the same skin care products throughout the year. This is a very big mistake since the skin changes according to the weather. Summer months mean more sunshine and higher temperatures. It is common to sweat more during the summer. Also, this can mean that the skin becomes oilier than usual. For this reason, you need skin care products that will get rid of the oil and tone the skin.

During the winter, the lower temperatures can strip moisture from the skin. For this reason, you need hydrating products that will increase moisture and soften the skin. Instead of spending money on costly products, get the right products for the season instead. You will notice far better results with cheaper products as long as they are suitable for the season,

Take herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are all-natural medicines that can get rid of acne, dull spots, and blemishes. Some skin problems are due to internal problems such as hormonal imbalance, overactive skin glands as well as a poor diet.

It is obvious that topical products cannot fix internal issues. For this purpose, you need an internal solution. Herbal supplements are the answer to this problem. These medicines help to balance hormones and protect the skin from internal toxins. You will be able to notice brighter skin and better complexion with regular use of these products.

As you can see, beautiful skin comes from good skin care. So, use the above tips for healthier skin without the need for expensive products.

How To Help People With PTSD

PTSD patients report that sometimes they are suffering from uncontrollable anxiety, sleepless nights, and unrealistic dreams by nature. This can lead to short-term memory loss, which may cause long lasting psychological issues. It is recommended to treat the victim as early as possible in order to avoid complications. When it is confirmed that the affected person is behaving in a dangerous way, it is important to address the issue so the victim will no longer be affected by the traumatic event.

Diagnosing PTSD

The first step is to make an appointment with a medical expert who can diagnose the problem thoughtfully and determine the patient’s state of mind. The practitioner will understand the symptoms and will decide the course of action effectively.

There are situations where the symptoms can go unnoticed for several weeks or even months. Also there are circumstances where the victim has recovered within 6 months, meaning that there is a lot of variance that comes with handling PTSD.

Steps to Take to Help Someone with PTSD

When a friend or family member has PTSD, there are a few ways to help. Primarily, it is important to express love for the person affected and show them the good things in life in some way or another. Sometimes it is useful to talk to this person directly about the problem. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may be possible to relieve them of stress through conversation. Otherwise, talking to the victim as if he or she did not have PTSD is an effective way to help the victim maintain his or her sanity. Supportive behavior like this can sometimes be enough to help a sufferer return to a healthy mental state. Positive energy is also important, although do not overdo things if the resulting effect is negative. Recommending certain relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga are also possible strategies when dealing with a PTSD victim.

If money shortages occur when trying to pay for medical expenses, start a fundraising campaign by spreading awareness about the effects of PTSD.

In order to help the victim assimilate a normal life again, conduct family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, or club conferences so as to show love and affection through many other people. It is important to note, however, that this could backfire if it reminds the afflicted individual about any events from their past that could possibly contribute to the current problem.

Finally, show support or spread awareness using printed shirts, caps, events, campaigns, and so on. In recent times, people have started using a unique tool to for spreading awareness: silicone wristbands. These are highly durable, long lasting, and suitable for people of all ages. Silicone Wristbands, especially those sold online, are available in various colors, sizes, and designs and are customizable. The main advantage of using wristbands in order to raise awareness and show support for PTSD victims is that messages can be spread to the public with ease. Using printed messages like “SUPPORT PTSD VICTIMS”, “HELP OUR PTSD FRIENDS”, and “SHOW PEACE AND HARMONY” allows the general public to learn more about the cause. Since wristbands are customizable accessories – pick a style that complements the message or anything that is appealing. Various styles and designs include embossed, debossed, dual layer, multicolored, and swirled.

Living with PTSD isn’t easy. Support those who are affected by PTSD and show them the beauty in life that they’re missing. They will appreciate it and you might possibly save a life.

Some Keys That Will Skyrocket Your Bench Press

We have all dreamed about bench pressing 300 plus pounds and being the strongest guy in the gym, but some of us have trouble getting even close to those numbers. We train chest hard, along with the accessory muscles used (shoulders and triceps), but nothing seems to work. We stay at a certain number for a long time, known as a plateau, and do everything possible to exceed that number. It can be frustrating and very demoralizing when you see someone passing you by when it comes to strength, but the solution is much simpler than you think. The answer may be as simple as changing your form and how you perform the bench press. It may feel weird at first changing how you bench and your numbers may actually go down for a couple of weeks as you are not use to the movements. But in the long run, I can promise you that your bench will skyrocket past your previous annoying plateaus.

Tip #1: Bring your shoulders in

This tip is relatively simple to execute and will definitely help improve your bench press numbers. Essentially you want to bring your shoulders blades toward one another and dig them into the bench. This will create a natural arch in your back and will allow you to push more weight. For one, you won’t have to push the weight as far because this movement will bring your chest closer to the bar. Secondly, it will engage your chest muscles more and actually bring your lats into the movement as well. Be careful to keep your butt on the bench when you do this. It is easy to push up with your butt whenever you are trying to push the weight, especially when you are struggling. While this will help you bench more, it is horrible form and can cause injury to your lower back.

Tip #2: Keep your elbows at 45 degrees

This tip is one that I actually neglected for a long period of time, and it was hurting my strength as a result. When I brought the bar down, my elbows would actually be closer to 90 degrees, which engaged my shoulders more than it did my chest. This led to a weaker bench press and sore shoulders after every time I benched (not the good kind of sore either). Lifting with your elbows at 90 degrees leads to less chest and triceps engagements and can cause serious shoulder injury. On the other side, I see some people do bench press with their elbows too close to their side or in other words, tucked in. This leads to less shoulder and chest engagement and more triceps engagement. This also will lead to a weaker bench because the triceps are not near as strong on their own than the chest and shoulders. The perfect way is to have your elbows at 45 degrees, or diagonal from your side. This leads to engagement from the chest, shoulders and triceps and will lead to the strongest bench. While this will feel very weird at first (I know from experience), and your bench may go down temporarily, you will get used to it and your bench will increase in a couple of weeks.

Tip#3: Grip the hell out of the bar

This is a less common know bench pressing tip that I learned a couple of years ago. Since learning it, it has definitely helped increase my bench press. Basically when you grip the bar as hard as you can, it engages more muscles in your upper body by keeping them tense and ready to push the weight up. Don’t believe me? Try this for yourself and you will definitely notice how much stronger you feel.